Dry Laminator Shafted Type DL-1300


Dry Laminating Machines Description:
*for Plastic Laminating
*for flexible Packaging Converting.

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Model DL-1000 DL-1300
Machine speed 200, 250 M/min
Working speed 180 M/min
Laminating material All kinds of web
Drying system Electric heater (Gas, steam or thermal oil as optional)
Drying tunnel length           2.7M x3 zones (8.1M)  / 3.6M x 3 zones (10.8M)
Guide roller for drying tunnel Ø90 mm, surface chrome plated. Driven by timing belt.
Coating system           Gravure type, individual motor drive
Adhesive pan           Stainless steel double-layer type (outer layer can absorb solvent smell)
Laminating roller Mirror-effect treated, hot oil circulation
Drying tunnel tension range 2-15 Kg
1st substrate tension range 4-25 Kg
2nd substrate tension range 3-25 Kg
Finished products tension range 4-25 Kg
Max. unwind diameter 800 mm
Max. rewind diameter 800 mm
Unwind material fixed method Air shaft
Rewind material fixed method Air shaft
Preheating roller Optional
Guide roller type Ø120mm., center type, Hard chrome coating
Ladder Fixed type
Max. material width 1000 mm 1300 mm
Coating roller width 1200 mm 1400 mm
Coating width range 600-1000 mm 600-1300 mm
Drying blower 5HP x 3 sets 5HP x 3sets
Exhaust blower as optional 15HP 15HP
Memory data Optional Optional
Auto. Splicing system
Upper cutter on rewinder
Lower cutter on unwinder Optional Optional
Upper cutter on unwinder 1
Lower cutter on unwinder 1 Optional Optional
Upper cutter on unwinder 2 Optional Optional
Lower cutter on unwinder 2
Web guide system on unwinder 1
Web guide system on unwinder 2
Web guide system on drying tunnel outlet
Adjustable smoothing roller
Dancing roller tension control
Chamber doctor system Optional Optional
Sleeve-type impression roller Optional Optional
Induction type laminating roller Optional Optional
Preheating roller Optional Optional
Corona treatment device Optional Optional
This is the detailed information for DL-1000/1300, Dry Laminating Machine, including model, name, description and specification.
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- Air expandable shaft, lock by pneumatic on right side
- The smoothing roll is operated by air cylinder.
- An indexing handle provides micrometric adjustment of contact. Contact position is displayed easily.
- Smoothing roll features synchronized motion with pressure roll rising and is separated by material.
- No glue splashing during high speed operation.
- Minimum solvent odor.
- Easy to install and clean.
- Minimum variation of liquid viscosity.
- Long service life of doctor blade.
- Could be adjusted forward, backward, up, down, left and right.
- The outer layer is equipped with an air suction device for sucking the solvent smell, which avoids odor splashing.
- Quick changeover
- The coating rubber roller and the glue-coating mesh roller are driven by individual motors which avoids uneven coating resulting from slipping between the gluing roller and the material.
- The drying mechanism has 3 zones with a total length of 8.1 meters.
- The 1st zone located at the right employs V shaped nozzles for uniform hot air blowing; the 2nd and 3rd zones are located at the left and employ multi-holes board for high efficiency drying.