Purpose of Machine

*for Plastic Mixer
*for Extrusion Plant
*For injection molders, small extruders and central blending.
*To blend natural, regrind, color and additives at the throat of machine or on a specialized stand for central blending.

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Model MIX-350
Bath Size 4 kg
Max. Capacity 240 kg ~ 680 kg (Repends on mixing method)
Max. Number of Materials 4
Number of Bin compartments 4
Number of Discharge Valves 4
Dimensions 1.338 x 720 x 960mm
Net Weight 100~ 150 kg
Gross Weight 180 ~ 250 kg
Voltage  AC220V, 1 phase, 50/60 Hz
  • ACCURACY & HIGH EFFICIENCY Material flow rates is constantly monitored and automatically compensates for any dispense errors.
  • COST SAVING To save money by eliminating calibration time and waste of color and additives.
  • WEIGHT CHAMBER Four materials dispense separately from the hopper compartments into a single weight chamber which calibrates the weight by load cells. Load cells reading that have been compromised by machine shock or vibration are detected and discarded. It is immune to vibration.
  • EASY OPERATION Load hoppers with material and set percentage desired on micro processor and then turn it on.
  • LOW LEVEL ALARM If material runs out, an alarm sounds.