Applications of FCM-1300: proofing and sampling for
*Engravers & Packaging printers.

Functions of FCM-1300
*Check cylinder engraving quality including the accuracy of text, colors and ink standards.
*Production press simulation for samples with different colors offers variety for customers.

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  • Mechanical Position On Printing Roller
    • In combination with inductive proximity switch and mechanical headstock can make sure the printing roller will return to exact position before every proofing.
  • High Solution Comers And Video Registration System
    • With a high solution camera and an electronically generated dual cross on the screen which 16 times magnifies the arrow on every cylinder can eliminate parallax error.
  • Adjustable Doctor Blade Device
    • Consists of 2 doctor blade to intense the hardness. Adjustable angles and pressure accommodates variable patterns of the cylinder.
  • Shaft-Less Air Chuck
    • Allows easy and safe loading of a cylinder and wash-off by one operator. It can be subtle adjusted to accommodate different width of the cylinder.
  • Adjustable Cylinder Deck
    • Easy and safe operation for loading the cylinder by pneumatically adjusting the deck upward and downward.
  • Superduper Printing Roller
    • Smooth, rustproof, and heavy-duty printing roller through chromium-electroplated and grinding process.
    • Bouncy compressible blanket, closely dovetailed with printing roller, can easily be replaced when it is blot and spoiled.
    • The proofing length is up to 2,500mm. Depending on the size of cylinders, it can print at least 2 copies of samples in every proofing.
  • Powerful Vector Motor
    • The printing roller is driven by an powerful 7-1/2 HP vector motor.
  • Adjustable Proofing Speed
    • Accommodating different material and ink quality, the proofing speed can be adjusted from 10 to 90 m/min.
  • Linear Guideway
    • All of the sliders applied to airchuck and cylinder adopt linear guideways. With high position exactitude, the device will not facilely glide on linear movement.
  • Benfits of FCM-1300
    • One man operation.
    • 10 minute proofing.
    • Reduces ink and material use.
    • Maximizes production press time.
    • Use production inks and materials.
Model FCM-1300 
Width Of Plate Cylinder 300-1,300 mm
Diameter Of Plate Cylinder 120-300 mm
Length Of Proofing 2,500 mm
Proofing Speed 20-90 M/min
Working Voltage 3φ 220, 380, 415V / 50, 60Hz