Rewinding Machines Description:
*The INSPECT-V model is designed for the width of web not more than 600mm, it is suitable for rewinding/inspecting the web after slit. 3 motors controlled ensure stable tension performance. Sychronous stroboscope provides a better view of web.

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Model INSPECT-V600
Speed(M/min) 300
Available width(mm) 600
Unwind diameter(mm) 600
Rewind diameter(mm) 600
Digital guiding system
Shaftiess unwind/rewind N/A
Shaft unwind/rewind
Cantileverd unwind/rewind unit with 3” air shaft
Forward and backward operation
Tension transducers for unwind and rewind unit
Dancer tension control on unwind and rewind unit N/A
Taper tension mode
Auto. Defects detection system(100% inspection)
Splice Table
Trim Slitting System
Unwind and rewind diameter increase – 800mm.
Unwind 6” chuck
Rewind 6” chuck
- When any defect is detected by human-eyes, press INSPECTION button and then the machine reverses automatically, the defects will be stopped at center of inspection table for operator to easily find and cut off the part.
- All models come standard with MMI touch screen interface. The touch screen has high resolution color as well as a long service life. All models come standard with independent and free-standing operator panels.